Everyday, from various sources, like the blogs I´m subscribed too, or from links posted on Twitter and Facebook, just to name a few, I come across a huge number of creative work that I admire. But, in these days of an overwhelming amount of information available, all this can be quite worthless, besides the imediate pleasure we get from something that pleases our senses, if we don´t find a way to organize it. And, for a long time now, I´ve been thinking of the best way to achieve this. For now, I´ve been using my personal Facebook profile to do it, but the format was not what I wanted. I needed a more formal way, that would allow me, not only to save a link to something, but also to have some info (images, text, video), to contextualize that entry. So, this blog was the answer to that problem, and hopefully will allow me in time, to keep coming back to the things I found creative and inspirational, and maybe even understand how they affected me and my work. For those that might come across this blog, I also hope that this inspiration journal, could be somehow useful for you too, and feel free to comment and give your own perspective of what will be posted here, because that would make this blog experience a better one.