industrial design

Fruit Bowl by Rogier Martens

The glass experiments at the ‘Oude Horn’ by Rogier Martens from r m on Vimeo.

A cool project by dutch designer Rogier Martens. The most interesting aspects are, for me, how this concept is able to turn each piece into something unique, without drastic changes to the production process, and how “natural” the final shape turns out, while still maintaining its functionality. For more info on this project check out the designer´s website


Lytro Camera

Quite curious to see how the recently released Lytro camera, will live up to the expectations created around it. The most relevant thing about this camera, is that it captures the entire light field of the scene you´re photographing, which means, you can decide the focus of your picture after it’s taken, and re-focus anytime and anywhere you want. To see this in action, check out the Picture Gallery on Lytro´s website. Some think this technology can change photography forever. I guess we´ll have to wait and see…

Konstantin Grcic and Armchair Avus – Thinking Sideways from mb! by Mercedes-Benz on Vimeo.

Some interesting point of views, expressed by Konstantin Grcic, on this short video, to which, I, as an industrial designer, totally agree. The three most important ones being:

  • How products, despite not being successful can push boundaries and inspire new products
  • The importance of mistakes as a driving force that allows us to move on
  • Failure is a part of design´s creative process